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Adulting (poetry challenge)

My kids’ bookshelves are filled with books,
and their heads with stories I’ve told them.
I sneak zucchini into their muffins and cakes,
And send them off to school and bed on time.

When the kids are out of earshot,
their daddy and I giggle at dirty jokes.
Alone, I reread my favorite children’s books
And dance free-spirited around the living room.

My inner child needs nurturing too.

Poetry challenge: Sevenling


“So I suppose you want to ask me why I left town.”

Melissa didn’t want to ask him anything. She wanted to finish her drink and go home. She fixed her gaze on the baseball game on the TV above the bar.

“I mean, it’s the Happiest Place in America! I think they even trademarked that,” he said.

When she came here after work tonight, Melissa had worn her eyeglasses. Usually that was a foolproof way to avoid being hit on. But this middle-aged guy had come right over and plunked himself down on the next barstool.

“Yup, they’re pretty good at making you forget your troubles in Olvida, Kansas.” Chuckling, he guzzled his Heineken, rubbing stubbly jowls as he watched the Cardinals’ pitcher strike out the Brewers’ shortstop.

Melissa sighed. He seemed harmless, more chatty than creepy. And she didn’t want to abandon this tasty 15-year Irish whiskey. She’d humor him. “You lived there a while?”

“Since I was a kid! I worked in PR. Gave tours to folks who come through town.”

A memory flickered. “Olvi…

Eleusinian Mystery

She started finding pomegranate seeds at the doorstep, and knew it was time.

On Tuesday, there were six of them, sitting there when Erin came home from work.

On Wednesday, there were five.

She’d been thinking about moving anyway. Surely this was a sign.

Come on, Ash, thought Erin, pacing her living room. Please answer the phone.

“Erin! What’s up, girl.”

Erin could hear Ashley’s baby babbling in the background. “You busy? I can call later.”

“No worries! I’ll put you on speaker while I feed him.”

Spoons clinked against baby food jars. Erin took a breath.

“Ash, I’m kinda spooked. I think Jared’s up to his tricks again.”

“Really? Is he texting you?”

“No. It’s weirder than that. I think he was here, at the house. Twice.” Erin crossed her arms and shivered.

“Did he leave a note or something?”

“No, but I found pomegranate seeds on the front step.”

Pomegranate seeds?”

“Remember how he was fanatical about Greek mythology? He majored in Classics, before he dropped out…”

“Oh, right...” Ashley’s…

Broke (microfiction)

It was too cold to lay bricks. Seasonal unemployment, they called it.

The refrigerator was empty.

A man who can’t feed his family is nothing.

He stepped onto the icy pond.

The crack echoed like thunder, and he was gone.

Writing Prompt: Write a complete story in exactly 40 words that evokes a specific season without using the names for that season (i.e., spring, summer, fall/autumn, winter).

The Diplomat (poetry challenge)

She greets her group with gusto.
She snacks on small talk.
She chats to charm the crowd.

She sneaks away to hear herself think.
She departs the party when her fuel runs low.
She swallows solitude to slake her thirst.

The warring factions achieve d├ętente when they each get some of what they want.

Poetry challenge: Sevenling