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Technically Speaking

It had sounded like a great idea after three mojitos.

“Jason’s driving, right, Will?” said Ron the bartender, handing me a glass of water.

“This guy,” I told Ron, my arm around Jason, “did laps around the living room last night. Just to get to 10,000 steps before bed!”

“What? I like to stay in shape,” Jason said.

“Obviously,” said Ron, winking at me.

“He’s obsessed with his phone,” I carried on, buoyed by an alcoholic river of truth. “He’s on it twenty-four seven.”

“So? I’m a gadget guy.”

“My gadget guy,” I said, planting a smooch on his stubbly cheek.

“You’re drunk, Will,” said Jason, smiling.

“Seriously, though,” I plowed on, “I bet you couldn’t go one day without that phone.”

“Good lord, why would you want to?” said Ron, wiping his hands on a towel. “Take a selfie with me, boys!” We all grinned at Ron’s phone.

“I could go a whole day,” insisted Jason.

“You’d shrivel up and die.”

“What about you? You’re always on your phone, too. Or your laptop. You wouldn’t last half a day.”

“A ch…

Gravity Waive (Version 2)

Written for the workshop Hindsight 2020. Assignment: reduce Version 1 to 100 words or less.


The clang of a shaken spray-paint can punctuated the dawn fog.

I ducked behind a shrub and peeked. The boy aimed the can at the bridge wingwall.

I was hiding again, I realized. Just like I’d hidden my ability all these years, from my family, from everyone.

I focused on the can. It sailed into the air. With a yelp, the boy sprinted away.

“Rhea Revello?”

I jumped.

“Here’s my card.” The woman smiled. “We’ve been aware of your skills for some time. Join us.”

Union of Unusual Talents, it read.

Maybe it was time to come out of hiding.

Hear No Evil (microfiction)

Stacia followed Beelzebub past the river of fire. Pitchfork-wielding demons prodded naked souls to wade through the flames. Anguished screams echoed.

“Down this hall, your punishment awaits.” Beelzebub grinned. “You will listen to Justin Bieber’s Greatest Hits for eternity.”

“Nooooo!” screamed Stacia, sprinting back toward the flaming river.

Prompt: Write a 48-word story about fire