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Worry (kimo poetry challenge)

A small face is pressed against the window,
watching for the blue car that
should have been home by now.

How to Bounce Back

Wake up with a head full of busy-mom thoughts. Need to pay bills. Better get those leaves raked and bagged before it rains this afternoon. Got to do laundry and pack for our trip. The kids need baths. 7yo got up at 5 a.m.; she’s gonna be in a terrible mood. How am I going to keep them off their devices all day?
Skip your usual head-clearing, treasured-time-to-yourself morning walk, because the kids are home on fall break and your husband left early for work.
Log on to your work laptop. Answer emails, attend conference calls, fight fires, fix problems. Try to keep up with the deluge of instant messages from co-workers who are about to go away for Thanksgiving and want you to do just one thing for them first.
Spend the morning juggling the kids’ needs and your employer’s needs. Do a mediocre job at both. Feel your sanity stretching thin.
Feed your picky 7yo Campbell’s soup for lunch. Microwave leftovers and eat them at your desk.
When your 10yo asks you to go outside with her and jump on the…

A New Leash on Life (microfiction)

The beguiling call came again. Lucky sniffed the air. He whined, pacing at the end of his tether.

With a sudden surge of power, he sprang, and heard a loud crack.

The broken collar tumbled to the dirt. Lucky bounded over the ridge to meet his lady.

Writing Prompt: Create a 47-word micro story that contains an object the main character is happier without.