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Perhaps you suspect
A criminal bent.

Perhaps you think me

Perhaps to prison
I’ll be sent.

It may displease
The government.

But I assure you
That what I meant

Was a tiny kind of

In this big world,
A little dent,

One tiny thing
That’s permanent.

From existential

A jab at the

So, yesterday, down
The street I went,

And I took part
In this event.

I’m not exactly

But please don’t call
The President.

I promise I had
No ill intent

When I carved my initials
In wet cement.

A Simple Tale

I don’t normally attend funerals. At least, not fancy ones like this funeral. They make a big ceremony of it when a Duke dies. Not the simple churchyard rites done for the likes of us.

I wasn’t invited to this funeral. Yet I felt I must go.
Sometimes life’s not so simple.
The Duke was a handsome man when he yet lived. And did he ever know it. I wasn’t the first girl he was sweet on and I wasn’t the last. He told me I had eyes like emeralds. Why I listened to all his pretty words, and laughed at his stories, I don’t recall. Maybe it was that fine-looking figure. Maybe because it was as close to emeralds as I was likely to get.
When I missed my courses, I told him I was with child. At first I thought he smiled. Then I realized that curled-back lip, which days before had kissed my flesh, held a sneer. “Little fool,” he spat. “You were stupid to let that happen. You’ll pay dearly for it.” Perhaps I had been lucky, but no one had treated me so cruelly in my fourteen years. When I cried, hi…


If you wanted to set your life on fire,
there wasn’t a better combination.
Kerosone and a book of matches,
classics for a reason.
All I needed was to wait
for a dry night.

Our love affair had started slow.
The sparks were there,
just a few at first.
But once they caught,
the flames swelled into the sky
and embarrassed the sun.
They flared, radiant, nature outdoing itself
to create something so lovely.
We burned, entwined, not minding
if it led to our destruction.

But fires do not last forever.
The flames ate what they were burning.
Inevitably, we faded, shrunk,
became unrecognizable.

So, you see, this was the only way
that it could end.

Watching, I feel the heat, like a winter blanket.
The smoke smells like campsites, laughter, memories.
I hear the crackle as the walls fry.
My eyes are dry.
A shelter mutates into a furnace.

I imagine his face
As he sees what I’ve undone.
My mind warped in that same way
When I learned of his deception.
We are annihilated.

Sirens slice the dark.
They ma…