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Rather Be Lucky Than Good

Dr. Ronda Karion sat behind the wheel of her silver Lexus, parked on the fourth floor of the University’s garage. She eyed the rear-view mirror. Marc, reflected, lurked in the shadows behind a column.

This role of getaway car driver was new for Ronda. Typically she’d be doing the breaking and entering, with Marc as lookout. But he’d been keen to switch roles for this particular mission, which suited her fine.

She smiled wryly. The past year sure had produced some unexpected twists. It all began that fateful Sunday, when Dr. Marc Rook had cornered her in her office. He had discovered her little habit, lifting attractive objects that weren’t hers. She was busted. It was a wake-up call, a signal that she would need to be more careful, starting that very minute.

Marc wasn’t her type. But it was kind of sexy, the way he’d gotten right down to business. “Dr. Karion—”

“Ronda. Please.” She had looked him directly in the eyes and smiled. She felt her adrenaline receding, regrouping, refocusin…